Made in Europe


Designed and manufactured near the sea with the highest attention to details and quality. Wearing our clothes will make you feel as if you are sailing on a luxury boat.


Hand-cutted cloth, environmentaly responsible, certified suppliers and strict quality control gives the warranty that you are being supplied with the best.


With experience, true knowledge arises. With over 20 years of expertise, we continue seeking the perfection of the smallest details.

who we are

Sailor Styles

We are a company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of sailor style clothing since 1994. Over the last 20 years we have developed our company and our products always focusing on the international market. Trust is very important in the relationship we have with our international partners, which promote and distribute our products, always counting with our knowledge and technical assistance.

The excellence and quality of our products is unavoidable, being ensured by a strict quality control system implemented throughout the production process, thus ensuring an unwavering confidence in our products.

All our products are 100% manufactured in Europe, by sailor clothing expert employees, in strict compliance with the most stringent European standards.

what we do

sailor style clothing

Our expertise is the design, manufacture and distribution of all kinds of sailor style clothing.

Our factory is prepared for the manufacture of shirts, T-Shirts, pullovers, trousers, leggings, scarves, among others. Our designers constantly create new products for Sailor Styles and for our partners to create products with a modern and attractive look, while maintaining the tradition and refinement of sailor style clothing.